Scalable Websites for companies

Scalable Websites for companies and individuals.

Your pages are displayed correctly on a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, and screen.
All pages that look similar to browsers with the latest html5 + css3 techniques.


It all starts with the planning. We reserve you a domain (the desired address) and page space, we are considering the appearance and formatting of the pages together. By We wonder what kind of activities you need on your web page.

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Next, I start to make a demo version that you see in the first, I shall deal you provide pictures, we will make you a suitable additions and changes before publishing.



I send files to the server.
I change the layout and texts for two years in the same trade

Installatron panel programs available to you



Below you will find a few examples of established and published sites.

9820 Referens sides in Google 13.3.2017

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Page Making

The following present the pages outline deed.

1. Contact

In your connection surveying needs, at this stage preference seeks to determine as accurately as possible. The important things are finding out the customer, the company's industry, the characteristics and style of the telephone, by email or form.

A personal meeting should be kept if you feel that it will be useful in reaching a good result, but in many cases it is not necessary because the act of pages is always in constant co-operation with you. So you have the opportunity to influence the appearance of the pages they want input from the beginning to the end. Pages are completed only when you are satisfied with them, and you have accepted them.

2. Demopage making

Needs and wishes of the report after we start to design a demo pages that best fit the customer's or the company's style. If possible, at this stage it would be good if you would provide for future front page material in order to make it easier to do the layout. Images can be used as part of the graphic design of the page. Demo front page is completed, we put it to the network client to be seen, so you can either accept it as it is, propose amendments or possibly on the basis of a call for some of your new ideas. Of course, it is better the earlier any ideas of your own highlights, but there is no harm, if it is not possible.

3. Contents

When an acceptable site design is in the web, to deliver content material (pictures + texts) at your own pace which we put up new pages. At this point, a customer can request changes to the layout, text types, etc. Used in preference:.. The texts and images such as a cloud or by e-mail.

4. Publication

We assist customers to obtain site pages from one service provider. Service providers are currently pricing in a very different way so the service by placing the website into a suitable web-hotel can be reached fairly large savings.

After the release of any errors will be corrected, and minor additions / changes can be made within a reasonable time, free of charge. After this, the customer has access to high-value upgrade service.

5. Effective search engine optimization

The prices always include your site visitor, and installation of analysis service. Search Engine Optimization is useful because the pages can be found after the optimization of search engines among other things well. Ps. The search engine findings variable ...


Pekka Herala. TAKE CONTACT WebDeveloper


Find the server, as well as the most suitable domain.
I photograph, handle, draw and edit images for advertising, etc.. Also Warpping.


Photos, slideshows, styles

Automatic scheduled and non scheduled picture shows.
Advertising - and other videos. Style sheets, forms, js, php and cgi. Server Controls.


Web & adaptation

Manage and edit your page. cPanels new programs, where I can make mail addresses, and other necessary.


Databases, guest books

PHP programmable MySql databases. Blogs, calendars, maps, trackers, php and flash / xml-based guestbooks

Online shops interfaces, password security protection

Clover Shop, Agora ja QuickCart online stores. API  - xml interfaces, pakettilaskurit, password security protection, PDF files "on the fly"

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      Many of these kind images have a link to further information / example.
Translation Services
With Your photos
Obtaining a Web page server space
Update ready pages
Updated by training
Expression Web
Dreamweaver CS5.5
Blue Griffon
Any other act of the page program
ATTENTION. I consulted the use of software only to update the site.

Optimization of the worst of the exposure and color errors, fix and change too large image sizes (pixel amounts) Web pages to fit

Web camera
I'll make you a stylish and functional as well as personal webkameraside.

Offer Request Form
Electronic tendering form will significantly speed up processing. The form can be built in the so-called. 'Smartform' to review the information provided by the client and notes detects errors or intentionally misspelled items.

Product database
Adding Products, deletion, modification and updating is easy. I can be upgraded products from your computer with a web browser and an internet connection - in the office or from anywhere in the world, see the Online shops

Feedback form
The customer can leave feedback on the site and ask questions in the feedback can be directed to one or more employees - or even a specific person, depending on the feedback.

Visitors' book
Customers / Others can write their wishes, ideas, criticism, send files, images, etc. One or more persons.

Password protection
The customer can introduce the so-called. password protected pages / sites.

The server control:
PHP and CGI script
Enabling a wide range of browsers independent of functions, such as forms, checks, counters, times, guest books, uploads images page,   the Find feature, etc.

Online Stores
The customer can collect the products and order them, the product requires a database only if the client wishes to update pages without knowledge of HTML.

Packet counter
The customer can choose from a variety of different priced products and its package, look at the balance and order them.

Search function
The customer may, by the search site to search for the point where the word occurs.
By this impatient surfer immediately find what they're looking.

Searching function
The customer may, by using the keyword search for pages where the word occurs.
Really handy large-sized WebPages at.

Mailing list
The website visitors can sign up to the mailing list by entering your email address and click the login button. Mailing List Maintenance is very easy: you can send an email to a Web page using a simple form where you enter the title, mailing list, to maintain the password and the email itself, you can write mails from any computer with a browser and an internet connection.

The site visitors will be able to discuss issues forum. (= Forum discussion channel, forum, etc. )

Visitor Tracking
Website visitors, times and dates stored in the database from which the system automatically at certain intervals and sends the data to the client. In this way mm. keep track of how often it is the same person visits the site and which pages interest them the most. This can also monitor which pages receive the least visitors so that their development can be to think about in relation to the content of favoring dark side.

News systems
On the page news, press releases, stock quotes, appointments - just what the customer wants by.
The customer can by myself to add or remove news.

Flash animations are the latest technology to produce lightweight page load quickly stylish animations. Flash animations require a new browser technology and the flash player which can be downloaded directly from the browser.

Games are a great way to get more visitors to your website. Pages it is possible to realize almost any kinds of games and the technique can be used in the latest and most modern (new browser, Flash player) or the games can be accomplished by techniques of CGI(Perl, PHP) when they operate in the most ancient browsers.
JavaScript enabled games also work in almost all browsers.

My function ?
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Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research: What are the keywords you want to rank?

Clearing the right keywords is usually one of the first things on search engine optimization.

Keywords are important enough and popular searchwords. They aim of visitors from search engines, which serve the purpose of your site.

Site and hence the search engine optimization goals may be, for example,

-Obtaining new customers
-Adding e-commerce sales
-dissemination of important information (public sector organizations)
-stronger brand
-Increasing advertising revenues.

The internal search engine optimization Keyword placement of a page of HTML elements is the most traditional search engine optimization, English on-page SEO. The title element

The title element (or "title-tag") is the most important internal page factors for search engine optimization.

In the text often appears in the search results as clickable link. It can also be checked in the browser: Hover your cursor over the tab, then the text will appear in a small box.


The contents of the meta description tag can appear in search results link below description. Google determines which your search phrase separately, to display the results of this description or extracts from the text of a page (or some combination of these).

Search Engine Optimization More detailed information


15.12.2019 from.

Designing and publishing WWW pages: 205,00 € / sites +
1 - 3 pages 14,00 € / page
4 - 6 pages 12,00 € / page
7 - 10 pages 11,00 € / page
over 10 pages 9,00 € / page

Banners, Search Engine Optimization & Update

The banner of manufacture: 70,00 € / pcs.
Search Engine Optimization: free, includes sites.
Website update service: free 2 years. Then 25€ / h.
Lightweight visitorcounter: included.


Web & Changes Appearance

Changing the web pages and online retailers appearance: 25 € / h.
I teach to use all the programs you need:
55,00 € 3h.       110,00 € all day.
The customer pays the travel expenses.


Taking photos & and video

3  - 50 shot -> ½  - 1 h = 60€ + journeys.
200  - 5000 shot / 4h videomaterial -> n. 8 h. = 200€ + journeys.
Image conversion, healing, scanning: 0,80 € / photo.
Photo Gallery pictures: 0,10 € / photo.
Videos cutting, pasting, processing and conversion: 22€/h.


Online Stores & Initial contributions from all.

Online Stores: License + hourly charges € 25,00 / h

Pagespace: 14,42 - 660€/y, Depending on the size and facilities.
Fi-domain: 9-30 €/y.
Other domains: 0,99 - 119 $/v. Depending on the domain.


Experienced programmers who have worked on tens of thousands of various files and sent them to servers around the world.


Pekka Herala

Web Designer
  • Long-line professional, multi-skilled.
            The important things to me:
  • Learning new things, solving problems.
            Character traits:
  • Quiet, sensitive, talkative, the other serving nature, good concentration, the initiative, entering my goals, positivity, flexibility, diversity and tolerance, and special situations management.


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